Dovidjenja (Goodbye) Monterey


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'd meant to post all of these before leaving, but we barely made it out of Monterey with everything done, so I had to wait! We're so thankful for the quality time we got to have with some precious family and friends during our last week there... Nana and Pops who graciously helped us through the move, Carie out from Nashville, Ahn & Grant, our sweet church congregation, the Gladdings, Sommer & Ian, Linds & Josh, my big brothers!, nieces, Melissa (my sis in law) and her beautiful baby belly before our newest niece was born the day we flew out!, the Michealsens, Maddie & Ika, Ash & David. Thank you all for spending those last days with us (and last hours -- the Coopers drove in the middle of the night to say goodbye and even helped us get our car cleaned and ready before it had to be at the port at 7am and us at the airport immediately after!)

Beautiful Monterey will always be special to us, being Gracie's birth place. The best part about this past year was the gift of her, getting to spend time with family and friends (LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!), and Cam being on a normal schedule for once (albeit with lots and lots of studying) which meant we got more consecutive time with him than we ever have before.



Monday, July 27, 2015

That's dirt smeared on his face and clothes, that he found next to the Zagreb Cathedral. He was instantly at home, haha! He also ran into the convent...

Most of the bouquets I saw in the flower market sell for 10 kuna, which is about $1.50 ! Cam is rejoicing that we no longer have to budget my flower obsession, and I am rejoicing that I can now buy ten times as much as I used to! Kidding...

Yesterday at the daily market in Dolac Trg (square) we bought amazing cherries, blackberries, a wooden toy for John Shea, fresh bread and after trying an incredible cheese, half a wheel of it. It's huge! There are stands of delicious homemade cheeses sold by Zagrebian women that you have to try if you're ever in Dolac, though my favorite so far is Pag Island cheese that we've been having every morning at breakfast. 

The beautiful botantical garden in the heart of the city. There are so many trees and parks in Zagreb! It's the greenest city we've ever seen. 

We're here!! We've officially moved to Zagreb!! The first time Cam and I ever heard about the Olmsted Foundation (how we're living in Croatia - you can read more about it here) the first year we were dating, we immediately were like, yes! Please, Lord! And started praying for it. That was eight years ago. And here we are! A testament to God's faithfulness.

John Shea cried and screamed pretty much the entire 11 hours from LAX to Germany and then on the last flight to Zagreb. Our poor guy was already so overtired from the week of moving and living in a hotel and then lost it on the trip over. We got to have the bassinet seating and Gracie slept the entire way like an angel. We missed our connecting flight and got into Zagreb late and couldn't see much, but even driving in, it was easy to tell this is such a beautiful city, and even for it being the largest in Croatia, it immediately felt small and a place to call home. We all woke up super early the next morning and Cam opened our balcony door from our hotel room and told me, you're gonna want to see this! We watched the sun rise over the city skyline (second to last photo above) in awe, such an amazing welcome to start our time here.

I have so much more to share and will! It's great to be blogging again after the past few crazy weeks of packing, moving, saying goodbyes and traveling. But for as crazy as it all was, everything went very smoothly and we felt oddly calm throughout it - another testament to the power of prayer! Hvala puna to everyone who was and is praying for us! We are so, so excited to finally be here.

Selling My Closet!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free People dress, never worn, tag still on / size small / $15 -- SOLD

It's that time!!! One and a half weeks left in Monterey...

If interested in any of these dresses (and cross-body bag and cognac Intyce boots at the end!) please leave your paypal address either in a comment or at Shipping is $5. I'll keep this post updated! :)

Asos Maternity Dress with Flutter Sleeves, never worn, tag still on / size US 4 / $20 -- SOLD

Boutique Dress with belt, worn once / size 2 / $15 -- SOLD

Asos Maternity Scallop Dress, worn once / size US 2  / $20 -- SOLD

Boutique Shift Dress, worn once (here!) / size S/M / $15 -- SOLD

Asos Off the Shoulder Maternity Dress, never worn / size US 2 / $20 -- SOLD

Pim & Larkin Sweater Dress, worn twice! (here! and here!) / size small, fits very long / $40

Asos Maternity Dress, fitted, never worn / size US 2 / $20 -- SOLD

Asos fitted dress, worn once / size S/M / $15 -- SOLD

Boutique high-waist flair skirt, worn once / size S/M / $20

Cross-body bag in cognac, used once! You can see it in this post in Tokyo / $25 -- SOLD

Intyce Boots from Nordstrom in Cognac, Leather/ lightly worn / size 8.5 / $25 / love these but pregnancy made my feet grow, womp womp / handsome hairy hand model not for sale;) -- SOLD

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