One Month of Baby Georgia


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our sweet baby girl was due today but has been with us for a whole month already! She is a ray of sunshine to us all. I can't get enough of her newborn noises and scent and how she loves to sleep with her little face pressed to mine. With Georgia being our third child, we're really getting now how fast these precious days and weeks go by... we're trying to savor her littleness while we can.  

I hope you enjoy some photos - Gracie is just in heaven with a little sis!!

Happy Thursday and almost weekend!

Not shoving pretend cupcakes in Georgia's mouth is still a work in progress... ;)

Georgia Rose's Birth Story


Monday, March 20, 2017

Just like Grace, Georgia was born four weeks early, on the exact same gestational day as her big sis, down to the same day of the week and within an hour of her birth time.

And much like her older siblings, all of the details of Georgia's birth were so clearly orchestrated by God and thankfully -- not me! After a series of events, we decided to not travel to an air force base in Italy, and to instead deliver at the private hospital in Zagreb, only five minutes from our home. My parents booked their flights to Croatia for much earlier than we'd originally decided. I quietly felt in my heart that she was going to come early, and as the weeks went on, so did my Mom. I was having strong Braxton Hicks contractions already at 34 weeks, waking me up in the middle of the night. I'd also been nesting like a mad woman... I'd wake up feeling desperate to clean and prepare everything. (Oh how I wish I could rediscover that crazy energy when not pregnant!) Cam couldn't help but laugh at me and order me repeatedly to stop scrubbing everything and go put my feet up.

My parents arrived two days before I hit 36 weeks and unbeknownst to us, what would be Georgia's birth day.

The night before she arrived, the four of us went on a double date to one of our favorite restaurants in Zagreb (Trilogija - so good!). I looked and felt like I was seriously about to pop but was still hoping for her sake that she would wait at least another week or two if not longer. The next morning Cam had to take his last final for the semester, so my Mom came with me to my routine checkup. At the end of it, I was getting prepped for Georgia's c-section. I had gone into labor without realizing it, drastically thinning the previous internal incision from Grace's birth. My OB was so concerned about it rupturing that he told me in his strong accent to call my husband immediately and that they would try to slow down my contractions until he got there. I had to ask him twice to repeat what he said because I was a bit in shock. I am so glad my Mom was there... she hugged me and teared up with me. Thanks, Mama!

Before I had a chance to say anything on the phone, Cam already knew. He was literally walking into his final when he saw me calling. He got there soon after, hugged and kissed me, reminded me that we had been praying for God's perfect timing and protection for months, so to trust Him, and that we were about to meet our baby girl! The nurses waited while he prayed with me before heading into the OR. My husband is my rock in this life!

The surgery was almost identical to Grace's in Monterey, except that the Croatian doctors joked with me throughout. I'm chuckling again just thinking of it. One of the things we love about living here is this is not a politically correct culture. Humor is freely injected into everything. I think it's awesome and if I'm being honest, a relief! Delivering at the private hospital here in Zagreb was the best and most thorough medical experience I've ever had... I'm writing a separate post about it that I'll share soon:)

Once they were all ready to start in the OR, Cam came in and stayed right by my side. He watched again and was great about not giving me details (THANK YOU MY LOVE) except to say that it looked perfect and they couldn't be doing a better or more clean job.

I kept waiting and asking if he saw her yet?  Finally.  I heard the doctors oooh and then her cry! Our sweet Georgia was born! Cam brought her to me, her little face to mine while she let out her beautiful cry and I cried tears of joy. There is truly nothing in this world like meeting your child for the first time. The anesthesiologist took a video on my phone and I don't think I'll ever be able to watch it without crying. The moments when our three children were born are the most heavenly I have, second only to marrying my husband.

Who is that hairy man!? ;)

Georgia was baptized two weeks later in Croatian and English. What our Pastor said to us is still at the front of my mind. As he lit the baptismal candle, he gave us a charge to remember that we are always parents. To remember that the lit candle needs to be a symbol of us as parents: giving light and warmth to our children in a very dark and fallen world. As the candle burns, it melts. In the same way, we continually die to ourselves to shine for our children. What a beautiful metaphor we are invited into as parents... of Christ dying to give us life.

I don't think I ever understand this so much as right after giving birth. No matter how a birth goes down, a mother's body is broken to give life to her child. And as we see in our own parents, that never ends this side of eternity.

3 Babies 3 and Under!


Monday, March 6, 2017

It feels like we blinked, and here we are with the three most precious babies! John Shea and Gracie couldn't be more adoring of their baby sister, even though I had to bribe them to sit still for a few minutes so I could snap these;) We are all in love with baby Georgia and I'm thankful to say that our toddlers are really starting to adjust to the big change of a new family member. My parents are here and have been such an amazing help while I heal from the c-section and Cam and I adjust to the sleepless newborn nights again. We are tired but could not be more overjoyed or thankful! God is so faithful in prayer and so good!!

Welcome to the World, Georgia Rose!


Friday, March 3, 2017

SHE'S HERE!!! Our darling Georgia arrived early last week and it has been an absolute JOY to have her here in our arms and to watch how the Lord has faithfully answered our prayers. I can't wait to share her birth story and our experience delivering at a private clinic here in Zagreb.

Thank you for your love and prayers for our beautiful baby girl and for celebrating the amazing gift of her with us!!!

A Sweet Gift for Military Wives: The Six Box


Monday, February 20, 2017

It's amazing what Megan and Alana are doing with The Six Box -- they started this business to love, support and uplift military spouses, especially while their husbands are deployed. I love their idea and heart behind it and I can confidently say after being sent a box to review that whether it's received once or monthly, it's bringing joy to so many women! Each month, Megan and Alana thoughtfully curate six different fun and encouraging items.

They sent me the February box with the theme, "Love Well," and out of everything in it my favorite has to be the ice cream pint hugger! It makes me laugh outloud whenever I open the freezer.

Also in this box...

PILLOW TALK NATURAL LINEN SPRAYMade with sandalwood + lavender floral water, essential oils of ylang-ylang, black pepper, bergamot + orange. This sultry bedding spray is from the quirky and fun California-based brand Let’s Put a Bird On It.

LOVELY TINTED ROLL-ON LIP GLOSSLovely barely there light pink tint. Created with an oil infusion of beet root and alkanet made with meadowfoam, jojoba, apricot kernel, coconut + castor oils, shea butter, vitamin E, blood orange essential oil.



GALENTINE’S DAY CARDSA set of exclusive, custom-designed valentines just for your girlfriends who know you best.

If you have a girlfriend with a husband deployed or away training, or just in need of some love, consider brightening her day with a Six Box!

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