From French Polynesia ... Across Two Continents... to Europe

Friday, December 31, 2010

So what makes being whisked away to Europe on an adventure with your new wife to wine and dine until you can dine no more for the rest of a month-long honeymoon even better? Getting there for free on the largest airplane known to man!
After the first part of our honeymoon on Moorea, we came back to the US for one day before getting on a Space-A flight to Europe...and decided to go to Germany to start our travels… with the first stop, Switzerland.  The only problem was once we arrived at Dover, Delaware AFB, we found out we would have to wait 24 hours for the next flight to Germany.  There was however a flight leaving to Rota, Spain that night, and the kind Air Force Sergeant was willing to bump us up on to that flight! Spain… Switzerland… pretty much neighbors right? Its Europe, you can bike across it in a like a day… or so I thought.  Well a long flight on a C-5 Galaxy later, we were in the southern tip of Spain, a stone’s throw from Morrocco, and I soon found that Spain is not quite as small as I thought. We have hilarious stories of getting out of Spain that we'll have to tell you about in person because there's too many to fit on our humble blog. Remind us to tell you about the Nice, France debacle. Still, we had an awesome two-days-train-ride through all of Spain and southern France, and arrived in Venice, Italy for three days of ROMANCE! The food and wine was just as incredible as Mands had told me. Gelato, Venetian pastries, Mands' favorite spagetti alle vongole. I was on the hunt for the best diavolo pizza and found it our last night. Success! We ate literally everything we could and spent our days exploring the city, took a speedboat to the island of Murano, and all the time inbetween in different piazzas drinking vino and marveling at the architecture, history, food, and Italians that make up Venice. We stayed here literally on the Grand Canal in the coolest place I've ever stayed at.

After Venice, we took a train ride through Tuscany, and in to the walled medieval city of Siena.  Siena was incredible, and all the medieval history had me in awe the entire time....

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