Meat. It's what's for dinner. And for lunch. And for breakfast...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Before leaving Siena to go to Switzerland, we were wandering one more time through the medieval city on a mission to find one more bottle of Brunello to stuff in our backpacks to take home, and came across an old-time Tuscan meat shop with yes - a boar's head hanging outfront with meats strung up that the family cured themselves. I look back at Cam -- he's beaming. How could you see a place like this (pic below) and NOT check it out!? So we went in & picked out our prized Brunello ... when the very friendly owner (dressed to a tee in a butcher's white apron and hat with a huge black mustache) handed us two wine glasses and started pouring from his best bottle, sliced his different kinds of salami and boar filling up a cutting board, with various kinds of cheeses his family made, tuscan bread, red pepper spread, incredible pesto, and because I have the worst sweet tooth ever - his homemade chocolate chip biscotti, all on the house. We went in for a bottle of wine and left STUFFED with a huge bag of all of it & a bottle of red to take with us on the train. Yes, everyone around us was painfully jealous on that ride through the Italian Alps, past Lake Como (shout out to Dad's old home) and up into the magnificient Swiss beauty!


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