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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A year ago this weekend, before God & our families & friends in a gorgeous vineyard, we said our vows and began the happiest year of our lives....and the best.honeymoon.month.ever.

I won't miss this prime opportunity to bring out some more of our 1,000 honeymoon photos.
  {the glorious hilton moorea}
 {it really does look like this:}
 {south pacific, you were my dream honeymoon location}
{adorable man, are my dream period.}
 {traveled next to spain, southern france, venice, tuscany, swiss alps, up through austria to bavaria}
 {tuscan farm lunch during wine tasting day}
 {we loved the collemattoni brothers. if you read our honeymoon tales last year, they gave us copious wine & olive oil to drink. we aspire to make wine as good as theirs when we open our vineyard}
Our first year of marriage has been the best of my life.
Christ is truly present in marriage in such amazing ways I can't even put it into words.
Cam, you are the greatest husband in the world and I love you more every single day.
Life with you is better than I could have ever imagined!

I cannot wait for him to come home from the field on friday & then spend our one year in the Outer Banks!


  1. Lanna Britt25.5.11

    why are you forcing me to write how adorable you two are and how much I will miss you?? WHY YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME????

  2. happy anniversary soon! your pictures make me jealous beyond measure.


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