White Christmas in Colorado


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"For to us a child is born...and He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

we spent a glorious week at the beautiful Dietmeyer cabin in Arrowhead, Colorado. snow mobiling, fellowship, and great, quality times were had. we both feel so very blessed by marrying into each others' families.

watch out when you play yahtzee with this man..
piper & talls gave us our very own Christmas Eve program
john & lin
please notice his hair. ha. so much to love in this photo.
Christmas day mobiling
love this little girl
merry Christmas!!!

Fall in the Blue Ridge


Saturday, January 1, 2011

We spent the weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains ...
    wine tasting ...
and picked out another pumpkin
 for our annual
 pumpkin-carving war
(we're 1-1. Cam is going down this year!)

Moorea III: see's chocolates, champagne, & the bible

Our evening retreats to the bottom part of our back deck to study Song of Songs together -- complete with the most gorgeous view of the sun going down over the South Pacific, champagne courtesy of the Hilton each night, & chocolate (of course).
our moorean casa!!
the best week of our entire lives.

Moorea II: Here, Sharky, Sharky

Consider swimming with sharks checked off on Cam's list of lifelong wishes. 
Next up: cage diving with great whites. 
 {soo exhilerated after that swim!}
  We got to free swim with about 25 of Jaws' cousins off Moorea and loved every second of it...so much that the last thing on our mind was getting a picture of them. You'll have to live with sting rays instead!
Cam, pre-sun poisoning 
after an incredible full day on a boat/swimming with sharks.. forgetting to drink or eat!

Siena in Tuscany


The next days were spent in Siena .... it's an incredibly romantic hilltop city. Every narrow winding road is cobblestone; the roofs are all red; the city is surrounded by rolling tuscan hills; the cuisine is phenomenal; the wine is soo good. I've missed the long days in Italy where you wake up early, stroll to the nearest bakery for fresh dolci & Italian coffee, walk, take multiple breaks in the piazzas from whatever you're doing during the day to sit and soak in everything around you with the best foods and wine, and also end your day doing the same, capped off with a late night passaggiata that brings everyone back out into the streets. Cam loved all of it. We stayed in an old Tuscan palazzo in the very heart of the old city. It was amazing! One night we took a recommendation from them and found a restaurant that overlooked the western part of Siena where Cam tried some more of my old faves - gnocchi al tartufi - which is Italian pasta truffles that literally melt in your mouth, funghi pizza, tiramasu, Chianti, tuscan bread and meats...Eeek, we ate and drank every day until we physically couldn't anymore! we obviously were not ashamed to stuff our faces like true fattys. :)

Cut it down

{eskimo & mountain man}

Merrry almost Christmas!!

A Stop in Padova


From Venice on our way to Tuscany, we made a quick stop in Padova where I lived and went to school for a year. It was awesome seeing it again!! We hit up the daily market in the adjoining piazzas in the center of the city & said hi to some Padovians that I haven't seen in years...we got the most delicious tomatoes Cam has ever had, cheese, fresh bread and cookies, meats that were cut right infront of us, vino, & chocolate for our train ride.  
Advice to anyone traveling in Europe: never get on a train without the above.

Ah, Bavaria .... and the finale of our honeymoon tales

From ze Swiss, we went through Austria and found our way to Edelweiss -- a resort exclusive to military and their families, perfectly situated at the base of the Bavarian Alps at the edge of Garmisch (GARMISCH!!!!! Sorry, inside joke). They have an outdoor jacuzzi the size of our apartment that overlooks the gorgeous mountains completely surrounding the area. The huge lodge continously plays the soundtrack to Dances with Wolves. Ha, we kid you not! We had those songs burned in our head so badly that when we came home we HAD to watch it. They had american bars throughout the lodge with some of the best beer we've ever had from Germany & Austria (coors is in a league of its own) & drank huge mugs of it in the jacuzzi aweing at the view. We went on a day trip to King Ludwig II's Neuschwanstein Castle and hiked in the Bavarian Alps ... tried German cuisine like potato pancakes & apple strudal ... and relaxed for a few days before getting on a train across Germany to the Air Base at Ramstein to come home.

We saved stories and details for when we see you in person....
It was the most amazing month traveling together as newlyweds across an expanse of absolutely incredible places and we're so thankful for it...

Our combined list of where we want to go next in the world is too long to put on this blog...



From Tuscany, we headed due north to Switzerland to hike in the beloved Alps. Every European we met beforehand said the exact same thing, but in about 10 different accents -- "WHY you go there?? It's quieeet, it's borrrriiing." Coming from Spain, France, and Italy where everyone is out in the streets loudly enjoying life - yes, totally quiet. Boring, not a chance!! We hiked in the Jungfrau Region up on the Murren-Schilthorn trails (2970 m up!) and explored the Trummelbach waterfalls inside a mountain. That part of the country really is near-silent, but in the most lovely and peaceful way. It is also an absolutely amazing creation to play in and marvel at!

Once we got into Swizterland, Austria, and Germany we left wine and turned to beer. Locally-brewed cold beer after hiking hard in the Alps .... yes please!!!

A Month of Honeymooning Pics Part 1


Married May 30th. Quick stop in LA June 1st. Flight to Hawaii June 2nd. Then - flight to
mysterious location that Cam kept secret..
GLORIOUS honeymoon on two continents
first in....
Moorea ~ French Polynesia

Hut above: best place for dessert EVERY night -- real french crepes!
Paradise Lost...what else do you read in Paradise!?

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