Just can't beat this view


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You may be seeing this beautiful sight quite a lot on here...
{from our balcony}
{it was so gorgeous when we woke up this morning!}
{if you look closely, you can see some of Oki's islands on the horizon}
 {some of our neighbor's gardens from our back balcony...on the other side of that fence is an army special forces base where local farmers own and work most of the land on it}
{as promised: a shot from inside our honeymoon suite. 
we're still furniture-less until our stuff gets here in August but we don't care!
we loooove this main room & our whole place. it's three bedrooms, two baths, and you can see the view from everywhere}
 {one of the best parts: we're on the west coast facing China which means we get the sunset}

Naha Market


 We spent Saturday with some other officers & their wives fresh on the island 
in the capital of Naha
{The busy main street ~ Kokusai}
 {mini me cars!}
 {inside the market}
 {in the fish market ~ you pick out which fresh fish you want & the restaurant upstairs cooks your  purchase for you}
 {Okinawan breads}
 {yep, that's a pig's head for sale}
 {Cam' choice for lunch}
 {Orion = Okinawa's locally brewed beer. Delicious.}

Our new front yard


Friday, July 22, 2011

It has been an absolutely INCREDIBLE first week here.
 {our new front yard: the East China Sea}
{and brown sugar cane}

As you can see, 
we fell in love with our new place as soon as we pulled up. 
We got authorized to live off base & immediately started our hunt ~ I got to spend a day and a half with awesome Okinawan realtors looking at places before we found it,  signed the lease yesterday and we move in Sunday!! 
One of our new neighbors told us he goes spear fishing in "our front yard" & there are coves and little beaches that all connect along it. We took a beach/corral walk last night to watch the sunset & can't believe we'll be able to do that every night together...amazing!
 I'll take pics of our apartment on Sunday so you can see how beautiful it is.
{end of our balcony}
{where we'll be drying our clothes}
We've been living this past week in town at a hotel run by the most wonderful people. They are so welcoming, friendly, sweet, funny, humble, loving, personable. Those characteristics describe every single Okinawan we've met so far. Being US military, we expected coldness toward us but we have only received the exact opposite. We truly share this island. They make us at home here. Some of the locals I've met this week boasted about our relationship and how safe the island is: in part from how Okinawans are raised; in part because of our mil presence. One local said, "we never have terrorist here, no, not welcome, never will have terrorist here!!"
{we love these ladies!}
And...we bought a car yesterday!
'96 Jimney. We pick up our mini me jeep Monday!
We found a sushi restaurant the other night on a tiny side street where we sat barefoot on the floor on tatami mats, ordered things we had no idea what they were, happily ate all of them, drank amazing tea, ate sooo much FRESH raw fish. It tasted like it just came out of the sea. We wandered home in awe of such a simple yet amazing experience...and at how much we need to stretch to be able to sit cross-legged on the floor under a 10 inch tall table... (:

We are so happy here. Soo thankful.
We can't say it enough ~ God is so good!



Monday, July 18, 2011

can you believe we're actually living here now?!
it's truly an amazing adventure together.
{dusk near the "sea wall"}
{population varies all over the island but where's its dense, it's DENSE}

 {Zanpa Beach at low tide}
{love him!}
{isn't the water color beautiful here?!}

It's been a crazy & busy past two days ~ but we're so happy & thankful to finally be here!

In other news, we are now licensed to drive on the left side of the road :)
& are on the hunt for a sweet car & scooter

Hope you are all well ~ we miss you!

And a very happy happy birthday to this amazing friend
Lanney Bear Britt!!!
{took this on her boat during the weeks-long period I spent every morning at her house for breaky and cappucino before work...the Britts are incredible.}

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