Up the Road


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is all walking from our house.. small farm roads that run through miles of brown sugar cane with myriads of paths that lead down to the sea. 
It's simply STUNNING.
{I adore this man!}
I don't actually want to post this last photo but because we've been getting asked about the wildlife here, I will. 
the "wildlife" is really in the sea. 
on land, we have bats the size of cats, wild pigs (still havent seen any), habu snakes, and what I literally scream and run from:
banana spiders.
like this one we saw sunday.
{presently doing a thorough look around our balcony to make sure none are creeping around} 

they can get as big as your hand but are not poisonous. Cam told me the other night while we were out walking in the DARK to look out for massive ones spanning the wall. ohhhh, you're just so hilarious. it's times like those I jump on him and make him carry me.

Cape Zanpa


Monday, August 29, 2011

our favorite part about this beach is that they play continuous music.
 american songs. japanese cover bands.
you've never heard elton john's "tiny dancer" until you hear it sung with a strong japanese accent. 
beautiful saturday.

we also bbq'd freshly caught fish...though we prefer raw any day!
{fish grilled in lemon juice, white wine, olive oil, and sea salt}

hope you had a great saturday too. xox

I got my motorcycle license!
(I was the only girl in the class - shocker)
and today we picked up our scooter ... if you could see my face behind the helmet you'd see the biggest smile. it is SOOO much fun.
the max speed limit on the island is 60 KM.
that's a whopping 37 MPH.
which should give you an idea of the wonderful pace of life over here:)

Orion Beer Festival

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember we told you about Orion ~ Okinawa's locally brewed beer that tastes oddly similar to Coors? And that this island loooves its festivals?
Those two things came together this Saturday.
Sadly my better half had to work the night shift during their ongoing field operation, so I went with my friend and a bunch of other people we recently met.

It was nothing short of friendly islanders, more traditional Eisa dancing, Japanese rock bands (hilarious!), summer kimonos, great festival food, fireworks and of course lots and lots of yummy orion. Best part was that the proceeds went to helping tsunami victims on mainland Japan.
{our awesome friend/next door neighbor Mimi}

Obon is another summer festival still going on right now...The traditional Eisa dance is done in full costume throughout neighborhoods each night commemorating their ancestors. Our evenings have been full of near and distant drums, singing, and music from the stringed sanshin.

Yomitan Farms

Friday, August 19, 2011

Have we told you that the island is agrarian and there are small farms just about everywhere you look? Even in the towns that are concrete jungles - there's still patches of farmland. Some of the main crops are brown sugar cane, chrysanthemum, purple potatoes, rice, and fruits...and lots of pigs. Our neighbors are all either farmers or fishermen, or both.
Little farms and beach all around us.

They chuckled that I was taking pics of their crops of all things and one of them introduced me to the yagi. (below)
Meet our other neighbors...
{yagi = goats}
 {more brown sugarcane all the way to the beach}

In other news, we got our first shipment ~ all of our kitchenware and linens. It was like getting to open all of our wedding presents all over again. The Japanese movers were laughing so hard at my excited "OOOOOs!" and "Oh my platter!!" Our furniture and wardrobes are still floating somewhere on a ship in the Pacific but are supposed to get here soon.

We are also now the proud owners of an adorable scooter!
Once I get my motorcycle license, it's officially my new ride.
Far more important than all of that however is what takes place this Sunday....

Have a great weekend xox

Zakimi Castle Ruins

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the best type of castle ruins are those that you stumble upon up the road from your house
{lovely walk}
{beautiful, beautiful view. made me late to Japanese class!}
{We have been having the most gorgeous {and seriously hot/humid} days this week!}

If you like castles, especially of the Asian variety, I'm sure you'll be seeing more on here.
There's over 500 ruins throughout the island chain and a massive intact one down south that we'll show you soon.

Happy almost Friday! xo

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