Cameron-made Reclaimed Wood Chairs


Friday, September 30, 2011

My handsome husband built these
from old, weathered crates someone had thrown out.
It's the same reclaimed wood he used on my tub caddy surprise.
He's not only the hottest man alive, a genius, hilarious, my adventurer, and a sweetheart.
He's also an awesome builder and creative to boot.
{before we put on a rustic white stain}
{Cam's lil helper}
{he paints sans dripping.. two coats later, my area + myself became covered in it}
I told him he should start selling these, but he says he'd rather spend his time doting on me.
sorry to any interested buyers, but I can't argue with THAT!
this picture is especially sweet to me because this is how and where we spend almost every evening when he gets home from work.

happy friday & weekend!! hope it's wonderful for you all.

summer & an outfit


Thursday, September 29, 2011

i look at this and think, wow. yes. i believe in a Creator.
i run in the mornings on a road that wraps around these gorgeous beaches and i've been wanting to show it to you.. here it is on a 98 degrees summer day.
my friend Ash and I found an adorable & affordable boutique with mini me clothes that actually fit! 
{most of the stores here are for women 80lbs or less}
$8 long chain watch necklace.
$20 skirt/belt.
should I keep or take back?
ladies on island, the shop is called Joshua.

Fukushen Garden


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{asian architecture doooeesn't quite fit my 6'6 honey..}
{blast. they saw me.  they were sooooo cute}
on a little trip down south to Naha, we visited this traditional chinese garden and learned that its less about the actual garden and much more about the architecture... which is so very foreign. 
but that's part of what makes this island so fascinating and exciting to explore.

there's so much to love about this place. 
from our fave restaurant owners who make us drink sake with them, to our other faves who surprised us with tangerines from their home.
to being called into an interview when there was no job, just because the woman wanted to meet and talk.. she brought her four sisters, they made me tea and we talked for over two hours!
to the precious 5 year olds that skip and sing as they walk home everyday all by themselves because it's really that safe here. 
to our awesome neighbor who slowed his bongo truck next to me yesterday and cracking up, moved his arms like he was running with me.

the island is soo gorgeous, but it just wouldn't be as fantastic without its warm, goofy and loveable people.

Happy Monday


Monday, September 26, 2011

 if you can believe it, fall in okinawa has so far called for even more beautiful beach days..  
like yesterday morn spent at one of our favorite coves before kayaking in the afternoon with our good friend and then cooking a fish feast which we ate al fresco on the deck. 
maybe a season will actually show itself before Christmas, but until then, we are loving "fall"   ;)
our bronzed, warm, salt water covered skin is happily taking it all in!

What he built for me while I was gone


Friday, September 23, 2011

While I was up on mainland last week,
Cam was feverishly working away on some surprise..   and WOW.
He. is. the. best.
Just when i think he cant get any better..   he does.
 he'd never seen or heard of a "tub caddy" before.. he said he just wanted to make me something that I could put our lanterns, food, and wine on while in the tub.
so he transformed our guest bath with the gorgeous view into my own private bubble bath ready lit with candles when i got home!
he made the cute corner display unit for shells, candles and our wedding lanterns
{mama wayne, we frequently live by your wisdom that white wine is perfect in the afternoon}
he's amazing.. and this isn't all.
can't wait to show you what else he built! 

have a wonderful weekend.

Japan's version of the Greek Islands...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

and the last of our kerama islands photos from our trip two weeks ago. 
so utterly breathtaking!
Zamami Island...   Cam, let's please go back.

the beautiful bays and countryside of northern Japan


in juxtaposition to the destruction along the coast is the gorgeous protected matsushima bay
and surrounding countryside 
where miles of rice patty fields glow in the sunlight
{rice patties about to be harvested}
japan is a such a beautiful country with diverse landscape.
i didn't realize how much i'd get to see of it while up on mainland..
makes me even more excited for all the trips cam and i are planning.
if you ever get the chance,  couldn't recommend traveling through this country more.

hope you're all doing well!
have a great wednesday.

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