Little Things

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful for another week of simple & seemingly little things.. that really aren't so little at all. 
{jungle walks}
{new favorite skirt that cost 600Yen / $7}
{really good Spanish wine + homemade hummus.  Amaaazing. I'll post the recipe if anyone wants it}
{constant love for flowers in mason jars}
{shells in mason jars)
{and Easter chocolate in mason jars.. gah my daily vice}
{my scuba/snorkeler/spear-fishing Love}
{pretty Okinawan roofs}
{sugar cane harvest}

Is it really already Thursday night?? This week flew by for us.
Hope you're all doing well! xox


  1. Love the skirt! What a deal :)

    And those noodles look delicious!


  2. Love the mason jar ideas! Definitely going to have to invest in some this weekend!

  3. Love the yellow flowers and the mute colors in the back! I also love the pastel flowers in the mason jars! All such beautiful pictures! xoxo A-

  4. Ahhh gorgeous shots! I need to get back to Japan...oh how I miss it! You are one lucky lady :D

  5. The beauty over there amazes me. The pictures draw me in every single time. Gah!! Oh and I LOVE me some hummus!!


  6. the recipe. i want it.

    gawgeous photos too, as usual.

  7. Love your life! That skirt is mega cute and he yellow flowers in the first pic are gorgeous

  8. Cute skirt!!

    I love love spanish red wines! That's all I drink at the moment.


  9. Your blog is truly one of my favs. It's a blog of few words, but the pictures..... oh the pictures!!!! Stops me dead in my tracks and reminds me that God's beauty is in everything, and the little things in life are what matter the most!!!

  10. Love the pictures. Those noodles look delicious and yes this week has really flown by.

  11. I adore these shots of Japan. I seriously have never wanted to even go there until I started reading your blog. Such a beautiful place; through your eyes, at least.

  12. Cute Skirt & great price. I love the pics...especially the last one! The blossoms are so pretty.


  13. Hummus recipe, yes please! :)

  14. Anonymous15.3.12

    Is that BACON in your noodles?? I'm glad you are coming around finally... Zac will be proud! Ohhhhhhh Amanda the DC weather has just been phenomenal. Early spring for sure. Wish you were here to enjoy it with me. After I finished Grapevine I literally spent an hour outside! I didn't even feel guilty about it!! :) miss you, love, lanneybear

  15. I just can't get over your photos! Those jungle vines are incredible, and I love that skirt!

    Hope you guys are gearing up for a fun weekend!

  16. Such pretty and lovely photographs! Ahh, very refreshing!

  17. Hi Amanda! I'm a brand new follower of your blog.... I think I spent hours over the past couple of days going through posts and admiring your adventures. I know its going to sound totally lame, but I feel like I know you. yeah, yeah, I just wrote that. Out Loud. I'm a fellow adventure seeker, born and raised in Israel but I moved to the USA after I met an American sailor aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt during a port call. We love travel & wine (got married in Tuscany) and love including our daughter Aviv on our adventures (she's 3 1/2 and has been to France, Germany and Israel dozens of times!). I have a photography business and am lucky to occasionally fly abroad for photography commissions. Now that I finished introducing myself and being a dork, I just want to say thank you for being such a positive little corner on the web. I love reading about your travels & life and look forward to following along.


  18. LOVE-EL-LY

    mmmm....adore you:) how'd the bookings go? When are you headed to Koh-Samui? send me a post card darlin...muah!

    love K

  19. As a fellow American expat, can I just say how lucky you are to have access to the military base and Americna products! I could kill for some Easter candy right about now! :) P.S. your neighbors are so darling!

  20. I now think of you every time I use a Mason jar...which I assure you is not near as often as you find uses for them ;)

  21. omg, that skirt. and soba. I don't know what I want more!

  22. these pictures are all so gorgeous! i'm officially in looove with your blog :)

  23. Anonymous24.4.12

    Beautiful site! Thanks for sharing! Any idea if the skirt can be purchased online? If so where pleaseeeee and thank you!!


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