Weekend Snaps

Monday, June 25, 2012

I took a little blogging/computer hiatus this past {busy} week, which is refreshing to do sometimes.. 
so hi! (:  Missed you all.  It poured non-stop every single day for a week, but as soon as the weekend rolled around, it has been pure gorgeous, hot sunshine. I wish so much that you could see how absolutely stunning it is here right now. There just aren't words!  The past few days we have woke up in awe.
Here's a couple snaps from the weekend to give you an idea..
 {Wow. Good Morning!!}
{Offroading together. Not sure what could make my husband happier?}
{As always, this is my personal favorite and what makes me smile like a fool. Riding the scoot with Cam through Yomitan Village & along the coast.}

How are you all?? I hope doing wonderfully!


  1. Your weather looks so amazing! It is so cold here in Jo'burg - this morning my car was completely iced over! Love the last picture too, scooter rides are the best :)


  2. Amazing photos! Let's trade places!

    xo Kayla

  3. Now THAT looks like a good weekend :)

  4. Gorgeous! Love your sandals and the scooter

  5. The scooter made me giggle. ;) Love it! xoxo A-

  6. we are hat twins my love! looking forward to our skype date! muah! love Katie

  7. me too, Katie love!

  8. Thank you, Melissa!

  9. Manda, it makes Cam either laugh or just embarrassed. Ha! (:


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