Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're building rocking chairs!!
Well. Actually.
I should say Cam is building rocking chairs.
I am the resident painter, cook and the dance-around-him-make-him-laugh-girl to keep him entertained while he does all the actual work.

Popsie & Daddio.
We are thinking so much of you two today.
We think you are the greatest dads in the entire world {and the coolest}.
 Pops, the way you and Bethie raised Cam has blessed our marriage so much.  From you teaching him to be a real man all the way to being willing to do the dishes.  Thank you!!
Daddio. You already know how dearly I love you.
Thank you for always loving me. Even that time I crashed your new car into the garage door...
When I thought that was it for me you were soo forgiving you even thanked me for the reminder that it's just a car. {!}
We love you both and are so so thankful for you.
Happiest Father's Day!


  1. Lovely shots, as always! The rocking chairs look gorgeous too!

  2. Joe and I call that Shoulder to Shoulder time. =) xoxo

  3. That sounds like too much fun. Rocking chairs that you'll keep forever I'm sure! :)

  4. The ocean and the sunset... ahhh. beautiful! As are your words about both of your dad's!! Almost cannot believe you smashed the brandnew car. haha :)
    I love the chairs! You should do a DIY post, I want to make some as well!! Please! :)

  5. Love the colors in this post and what color you're painting the chairs! Such sweet tributes to your daddy's as well :) what a blessing to have such amazing fathers, I feel the same way about my dad. have a great day friend!! xo

  6. can't wait to see the rocking chairs all finished!!

  7. Hey my sister! Love the scarf... pinterest? I did the same thing a few weeks ago when the inlaws were in town! Love Love it!! I cant wait to see your chairs!

  8. i LOVE this.. i especially love that color!

    and hey, that's what good wives are for (:


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