When Your Neighbor Gives You a Basket of Fresh-Picked Okra

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our neighbors are always out early in the morning farming when I'm walking half awake to the beach to run. They either wear military cammies or faded neon wind pants survived from the 80's with their straw hats. They totally crack me up. I've only ever seen the one neighbor dressed in normal clothes once, and I told him he looked beautiful. {I don't know the word for handsome so it was the best I could do on the spot!} He about died laughing

We always say o-hi-o gozaimas {good morning!} and they give me a huge smile and make jokes about me being up early to go run. Yesterday, when I was coming back, walking along the dirt path through their beautiful gardens of goya, summer squash, mangoes, tomatoes, and peppers, my favorite neighbor stopped me. He was covered by tall plants and vines, picking okra, and with his loud laugh and excited hand motions, gave me a bunch to take home. So so sweet! It's not the first time either. He's always asking if I want some of whatever he's picking.
As a California native, I confess that I've never cooked Okra before. I lightly battered them in Japanese breadcrumbs and served it with fresh tomato sauce and white wine. It was absolutely delicious.

This morning I brought my neighbor chocolate chip cookies as a thank you, and though I have literally never heard him speak a word of English this year, he looked at me with an enormous smile and repeated after me in a heavy Japanese accent, "coookies!"
This was incredibly simple and turned into a beautiful & delicious appetizer, thanks to our generous neighbor.
1 bowl of Okra
1 egg
1 cup of Panko Bread Crumbs
1/2 tablespoon butter
Your favorite tomato sauce
Cut the fresh Okra in bite sizes. Dredge them in the beat egg & using a fork, move them into the bowl of panko. On medium heat, cook the Okra in the melted butter until they begin to brown on both sides. Serve immediately with your favorite tomato sauce & white wine. 
Do you like the new look? I've been playing around with the design and finally found a template I love, thanks to Ana at Blog Milk. I'd highly recommend her & her simple, beautiful templates!


  1. I love me some fried okra! Of course, that's the Southern girl coming out in me. My dad grows a garden every year and okra is always in his line up. One of my favorite things about summer time. And now I want some...do they even have okra in Germany? Dear Lord let the answer be yes! :) Happy Tuesday, girl!

  2. That okra looks delicious! Love the new look too!

  3. I love the new look!

    p.s. that is my favorite every day wine :)

  4. I could eat fried okra everyday for the rest of my life. That's a staple here in Georgia. I've never had it with tomato sauce, though. I'll have to try it!

    PS love the new look!

  5. Love the new look and have been meaning to find a new blog design. Will check out blog milk, thanks for the tip!

  6. Anonymous17.7.12

    a California guuuurl who likes fried okra -- I knew you were special :) Those look yummy and great story. I love that he said "cooookies" in English. Just wondering -- how many chocolate chips did you consume before and after baking the cookies? Ballpark figure is fine...
    miss you!!! love, lanneybear

  7. love these pictures and love me some okra! OH, and I love the new look! Did you design yourself? Looks lovely!


  8. Love the new look. And I love me some good okra! Looks de-lish!

  9. Ashley17.7.12

    Mmm, fried okra. LOVE the new layout!

  10. Lanna, ballpark figure... um the whole bag?

  11. Sarah, I must be from another planet (southern cali) since I've never had it before! You'll have to tell me how you guys eat it in the South!

  12. Thanks, Denise. Ana at Blog Milk made the template and the social buttons and I made the header and side gadgets (:

  13. Your recipes get me every time - they ALL look so good and the photos of them are stunning.

    I love the new look of your blog!


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