Bella Italia For This {Rainy} Wednesday

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our dear friend Emma {Hi, Emdogg!} just got married and honeymooned in the most beautiful country that has a piece of my heart, and probably yours too: Italy. Don't these photos make you want to get on a plane and wander through the Roman streets with a gelato in hand!? Her husband is the incredible photographer who took all of these and was kind enough to let me share. If any of you are ever looking for a photographer, please contact Drew Angerer. He's based in D.C. but goes all over the world to shoot everything from politics to weddings. I could not recommend him more!

It's a rainy Halloween Wednesday here, which matches my mood a bit. Missin my other half.
How are all of you doing on the East Coast, post-storm? Are your families and homes ok? You've been in my prayers!


  1. Hey gorgeous, thanks for sharing these stunning photos. Italy keeps on moving further and further up my bucket list. I really want to experience all things Italian and maybe even pick up a handsome Italian stallion for myself.

    Look after yourself..

  2. So gorgeous! We're stationed in Italy right now and I love seeing photos of this beautiful country. It makes me stop for a minute and be thankful for where we are right now. Thanks for sharing )

  3. Beautiful pictures!



  4. love these pictures! hubby and i are still dreaming of our italy vacay that may come to real like in 2013! hope you're doing well amanda!

  5. Stunning! and yes, I want a plane ticket to Italy right now! I need to avoid the rain here in Toronto. It's been raining non-stop all week :( But on the bright side, we didn't get the heavy storm :)


  6. These photos make me want to leave for Italia right this very second! My mom just booked my flight so needless to say, I'm SO excited.

  7. Yay, Allie! SO excited for you! Best place to study abroad!

  8. Love this! We've had rain for over a week, hmm..I'm starting to miss the sun. Although we just had wind and rain nothing like NY & NJ. Have a good rest of the week hun!

  9. Goodness gracious I miss that place. These photos are gorgeous!
    PS sorry about getting bumped off the flight :(

  10. You picked my favorite photo of the Florence river reflecting off the buildings!

    Miss you - we are drying out but it's now FREEZING and yes I want to be on a beach somewhere far far away from all things politics!
    love, lanneybear

  11. Oh my goodness these photos make my heart ache in the best of way. It's amazing how Italy has captured the hearts of so many and still continues to give. Beautiful photos and as I am originally from dc, I will keep his name for future reference :)

    And your photos are also amazing! I'm a recent expat as well, moved to Norway with my husband. Trying to start blogging as a keepsake but its not easy to find a groove!

  12. ah-mazing. I feel like i should send this to all my DC friends right away!


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