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Friday, October 5, 2012

Shell jewelry holders Cam made me {isn't he so creative!?} for when I take off my day-to-day jewelry.
Pearl earrings & Gold cross locket from him // Venetian glass ring Ahn got me when she visited me in Italia // Matching antique ring to my Mika's that we got to think of each other //
Watching the first of the presidential debates from abroad. {At a coffee shop since our internet is still out from the typhoon.} We still follow the news as much as when I worked in it. Only now sans tv since we purposefully didn't bring one out here!
 My bike basket bringing home local squash from the farmers market
 Stripes & going outside for a glass of vino
 Lanterns on the deck.
Reading this.

We're thankful for you all and for reading and staying in touch with us out here. Thank you.
Happy Friday and weekend!


  1. Love the shell jewelery holders... so so clever on Cam's part :) Glad you guys were able to watch the debates... I haven't been able to yet since we pay for our internet per megabyte which makes it crazy expensive to download youtube or tv shows :/ Hopefully it will replay on SA TV soon.


  2. I read on Twitter that you were ready to crack open the wine and I died just a little because I would not only love to be sitting with a glass in my hand but I would love to be sitting on your deck with a glass in my hand having a chat with you!!

    But alas it is only 11:25 so wine is not happening and I am here and you are there so that chat is not happening either.

    Have an awesome weekend sweetie!

  3. I wrote a post about being Thankful today too - it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend :-)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. ah love you and your adorable outfit!! and those shells! cam is a good one.

  5. Looks so peaceful and perfect, and your dress is too cute! Have a lovely weekend! -Heidi

  6. Love your outfit Amanda! Have a great weekend :)

  7. That shell jewelry holder is a brilliant idea! I'm going to have to walk down to the beach, find some shells, and do the same :) Also, love the outfit and love reading your blog!

  8. This blog is like an anchor, reminding me to be thankful and to see joy in all aspects of life. So thank you for that! God bless and happy weekend!

  9. AHHHH miss you so much! If you were here -- the following would be my little things that I would be loving:
    ~chatting on the roof with you while getting 20 minutes of sunshine during work
    ~laughing while doing THE MONOCLE
    ~toplining rando movie quotes like "Baxter, is that you??"
    ~drinking cappies that would in turn leave you awake for the next 20 hours
    ~singing Dirt Road Anthem as loudly as possible

    MISS YOU!!! We are taking the Lanna Bear out for what could be the last time if it starts getting cold in the next week! Wish you and Cam could join us!
    love you, lanneybear

  10. what a great jewelry holder! have a great weekend!

  11. Husband made treats are the best. Loving those jewelry holders! You're dress is adorable, too. Have a happy weekend!

  12. Such beautiful "little things" this week. Can't wait to see what you make with the squash ;-). I love the idea of having matching rings to remember a friend by. That's such a sweet idea. And thank you for that last quote. I needed the reminder today...when all of life is up in the air, we still do have an Anchor. Firm and secure. Happy weekend girl!

  13. Love those jewelry holders! Such a simple and great idea. Did that ring come from Murano? Love that place.

  14. Beautiful photos! And you look gorgeous in your stripes :)

  15. hello, popping over from the blog From There to Here - always lovely to read another expat blog :)

  16. that ring deserves it's own shell. it's that important. i guess i can share it with a mika ring though.

  17. beautiful post :) i just absolutely love that shot of the squash in the bicycle basket...totally frame worthy! XO brynn

  18. So many things to love about this post. Glad you had fun with your friends! Your stripes and skirt are so cute. I want a bike like that. (Not to ride, just to look at of course:)) And thank you for this verse. I just love that our pup's name is Hope. It makes me love verses with her name in it that much more!

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