Thankful // Little Things

Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm thankful for so many "little" things this week. {Most especially getting a few extra days with Cam before he leaves for a month and a half!}
Being barefoot on the beach.
Saturday morning bike ride to our fave bakery to get fresh bread.
 Cappuchino with chocolate on top. Be still my heart.
 Morning reads.
Cool enough weather for my favorite pair of boots, in Naha.
Re-reading this book.

Have such a wonderful weekend!!


  1. a month and a half???! noooooo

  2. LOOOOVE the boots! where did you get them!?

  3. Love these posts!! A great reminder that there's always something to be grateful for! Xo.

  4. a month and a half?? Sounds like someone should come back to the States with a stop over in DC! and barefoot on the beach? I want to go to there.
    LOVE YOU! Sadie and Snix wanted me to tell you they miss you too...
    love, lanneybear

  5. Oh man, a month and a half? That's no fun! I guess I should come visit?

  6. Thank you for sharing Amanda!

    I love to appreciate the little things in life too ;)

    1.5 months will pass so quickly and Cam will be back.

  7. A month and a half is so long! Meep! Glad you got some extra days squeezed in there :)

  8. Those are great little things to love. Have a great weekend -Heidi

  9. Little yet especial things to be thankful for...
    Oh, and that cappuccino is to die for, I want one!


  10. Hi Jenn! The boots are Steve Madden (:

  11. Boots are darling and flower is so pretty. Love that quote. Maybe I should read that book!

  12. That cap! Mmmmm Mmmmmm 1.5 months! AH! It will fly though. ;) xoxo


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