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Friday, October 26, 2012

 I've kept myself so busy with an incredibly long to-do list and list of goals to accomplish while Cam's gone that it feels like I haven't sat down yet since he left! But it's actually been a really great week, full of so many "little" blessings, like this amazing sunset from last night, girls night and a sporadic dance party, being hired for a couple photo sessions, getting to talk to my love on the phone each night...
 Today's sunshine, turquoise East China Sea, and 80 degrees 
Driving Cam's car. And laughing hysterically at all the shocked faces from the gate guards when I go on base, marines, and basically everyone, when they see 5'4 me jump out in a girly dress.
Buying mikkan {Okinawan tangerines} on the side of the road
 Being emailed a photo of my handsome husband !
A pretty, new journal and writing snail mail.
 Nightstand flowers.

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Happy weekend!


  1. Love your Friday posts, there is indeed so much to be thankful for. That sunset is amazing.
    I hope your weekend is really special, despite not having your beloved to share it with. I am working 12hr days both days so no time to do special things with Clive :(

  2. Glad you are keeping yourself busy and yet still finding time to appreciate the little things! Yay for sporadic dance parties on the side of the road!


  3. Have a wonderful and blessed weekend sweetie pie!! That sunset is just breathtaking by the way!

  4. i so admire you for the way you're spending your time sans husband. your choosing gratitude is evident and encouraging. : )

    and that journal/stationary is so beautiful!

  5. Fantastic week Amanda! Have a great weekend :)

  6. love nightstand flowers! and love your pocket full of SUNSHINE!!!!!!! miss you like crazy.

  7. That picture on the top made my heart stop it's so pretty.

  8. so pretty! i miss those mikkans (: glad you're staying busying while cam's gone. love your stationary and happy to see your "support group" dancing it up while your husbands away (:

  9. Girl, I am not kidding when I say I can be having the crappiest day or a day I just need a pick me up, and come to your blog and it brings peace and calm to my spirit!Beautiful pictures!!! Xoxo :)

  10. Spectacular photos!!I would hire you for photos in a heartbeat too!! Your home is so tranquil and beautiful. So so so lovely. I love your thankful spirit, cheers me up and causes me to look for the good in my day too. xoxo

  11. and for the 100th time... oh that water!!
    glad you're staying busy! happy sunday!

  12. lovely-just want to go jump right into that sea and go for a swim!

  13. Your pictures are beautiful! I'm glad you have things to keep you busy :)

    Where is Cam? Training?

  14. Glad you are staying busy! How long is Cam gone for? And that water is just beautiful!


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