Monday, February 27, 2012

I think you all know by now that we LOOVE to travel together.
One of our goals coming out here was + is to take advantage of
 all the opportunities we have living in this part of the world {and in this country}
+ travel as much as we possibly can.
To us, investing in our travel fund right now is investing in our marriage.
We are so thankful we can do that!
I've been meaning to share our big travel plans {HOPES} for this next year.
We know that anything could happen or change,  especially being in the military,
but these are what we're aiming for.

Guess where we just booked flights to?!?!
We are pumped!! Can't stop dancing around!
{Thailand is the next trip I'm working on & the country Cam is most excited about}
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Little Things


Friday, February 24, 2012

We think it's the seemingly little things that are the great blessings.
So.. here's a couple lately that give me joy..
{saturdays with this guy}
{flowers in mason jars on our coffee table & nightstand.  makes me so happy!}
 {surprised w/ new journals from Veronica after just finishing my last one}
{These girls. Having community. Mornings when the 5 of us meet in our living room for Thursday Bible study}
{hard beach runs}
{coffee dates. with more whip cream than coffee YES!}
{laughing so hard it hurts + the Swagg & my new friend Cami because of it}
{scoot rides with my love}
{sundown & my fave quote}:

We're so thankful that Christ's amazing love for us is everywhere we look!
 Hope you all have a great weekend.



Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We were out walking together last night around sundown when the narrow streets are lively with locals walking -- Grandmas in two's, kids in their karate uniforms on their way to class at our neighbor's dojo... all of us bowing with our heads as we passed. Evenings like these make us feel especially thankful to get to live here right now. 

And evenings when we break down and go on base to eat our hearts out at Chili's makes us feel especially thankful to still be able to eat American, like Americans.. every now and then!!

Cheese Plate + a Winner


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We devour cheese. It's practically its own food group to us and a regular member of our household.
This is perfect for a yummy appetizer or a mid-afternoon snack.. sometimes we even have a cheese plate for a meal. Can't go wrong when Gruyere is involved!
Especially with red wine (:

Congrats to #33 Holly.. You won a beautiful Camilyn Beth Swagg!

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Lately, Dating


Thursday, February 16, 2012

{orange + turquoise. love!}
There have been so many gloriously beautiful days this past week. Like jaw to the floor, can't believe we live here. And when the sun is out and the water is a brilliant turquoise I cannot help but pathologically snap away on my camera, and, look up with praise.  I'm posting some of these just in time for the return of the rain.

These gorgeous afternoons have also been perfect timing as Cam has been able to come home early a number of days, and we've had so much fun.. dating. How I love this man.

We've promised to pursue each other for the rest of our lives. Even after bebes. {Lord willing.}
Those of you with kids, are you just laughing hysterically?
I'm curious how you all {married or not, kids or not} view dating. Would love to hear your take!

I'm sharing a couple fun things we've learned thus far about living in Okinawa on Fest 
& about our Valentine's Across the Pond at Meg's (:

Camilyn Beth Swagg Shop Giveaway


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From walks with Cam through our neighborhood, to the beach, to Japanese class, 
to rides on the scoot.. to just about everywhere, I've been living in my Camilyn Beth Swagg.
I first heard of these from the beautiful Sadie Tucker last year and am so glad to have one.
It's chic while being super comfy and goes with practically everything. I love it.

Camilyn Beth is so very talented and is an example of a woman seriously + passionately pursuing her gifts. I can only imagine the mark she will continue to have on the fashion world. It will be exciting to watch you, Cami!
Today's your chance to have one of her Swaggs (or maybe a second one if you already do!) 
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Good luck & Happy Valentine's!

Whale Watching in the Kerama Islands


Monday, February 13, 2012

Humpback whales are migrating right now in the sub-tropical waters along Okinawa and through the Keramas, which is a small island chain just an hour boat ride away. 
We think they might be the most gorgeous islands we've ever seen and watching these beautiful behemoth mammals jumping through the water just off of them was incredible.

Have you gone whale watching before? Maybe off of Cali?

If you're looking for an idea for dinner tonight, I'm sharing one of our favorite meals on my friend Kelly's blog, Eat Yourself Skinny (:

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