Easter & Spring Picks... Because I'm Already Excited

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I know it's only the beginning of February but there have been a few days this past week that have felt and looked so unseasonably like Spring that I'm giddy. Cam and I even got in our bathing suits on Saturday and dared each other to go in the freezing ocean. It was collld but so fun.

In my excitement for springtime, here's three dresses I'd want to celebrate Easter in and some other goodies:

1. Spearmint Stripe dress from Modcloth. Every dress I've ever received from them has been lovely and fit me like a glove.
2. Pink Lace dress also from Modcloth.
3. Coconut Oil. Can't say enough good things about it! I use this year-round as a body moisturizer and also have another bottle for cooking. It has loads of great health benefits, is cheap, natural and I even use it sometimes as a nighttime face moisturizer.
4. Origins daytime face moisturizer with SPF. I try to stay away from as many chemicals as possible, and while Origins still has some, it seems to have far less nasty ones than most and keeps my face from getting sun-burned.
5. Love this very simple, 50's inspired dress. 
6.  Aren't these floral boat shoes from Old Navy adorable!? They remind me a little bit of you, Liz Denfeld!
7. My parents sent me this floppy hat from Jcrew for my birthday. Can't wait to wear it on the beach.

Are you as excited for Easter & Spring as me??
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm also a lover of Easter! I'm from Toronto, Canada and at the moment we're getting ready for a winter storm coming our way this evening. Your pictures though, really brighten up my day and gets me all excited about my favorite holiday of the year...EASTER :)

  2. Love these choices, I want everything! And coconut oil is the best, I use for everything, even for shaving!

  3. Great picks! I am so excited for warmer weather around here too!

  4. This list is perfection! I want one of each for myself!!

  5. Loving the striped dress! I actually have 2 of those Old Navy boat shoes. I purchased them in the mint / pink colors. So cute!!! xoxo

  6. Oh yes! I bought four sundresses in the last week alone. SOOO ready!

  7. So pretty! Love that you always wear color :) xo my dar friend.

  8. That pink dress is adorable! I can't wait for spring. I don't mind the cold weather here, but I would really like to wear some boat shoes w/a floppy hat!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  9. agreed about all things Spring. I bought a few Lilly items on super sale last month and I have been counting days to Florida getaway so I can wear them!!
    You are second person to mention Coconut Oil to me - will have to get on the bandwagon.
    Just had my first green monster smoothie this morning at work - thanks to you!
    miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love, lanneybear

  10. Love all the color. I'm kind of a black and white kinda girl but I'm sorta loving the green with white stripes!

  11. Such pretty picks, love the colors! I'm so ready for spring and nice warm weather. Unfortunately, for me, we are expecting a blizzard tomorrow.

  12. Ahh...spring! As we're getting pounded with a nor'easter. I need to look into the coconut oil.

    Do you have any other cute posts coming for valentines day? I LOVED the cookie post last week.

  13. Love those dresses!

  14. I just "discovered" your blog - I just love your photos of the ocean! I grew up near one (in the Philippines). :)

    I love coconut oil too - we had coconut trees in our yard, and when I was little my mom used to put it on my scalp and hair and then we would sit in the garden - how's that for a "hot oil"? :)

    Like you I'm so excited for spring - the days are finally getting longer here!


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