Jumped on the Green Smoothie Train

Monday, February 4, 2013

Looking for something healthy and refreshing to wash away all that delightful, fatty superbowl food? 
If you don't already drink green smoothies, this may not look terribly delicious, but I promise that it tastes so, so delicious.

I use a handful of fresh, raw spinach, but don't worry, you only taste fruit! I started making these about a month ago and have almost every day since because they're so yummy. It's packed with vitamins, iron, and anti-oxidants and gives a nice boost of energy in the morning or afternoon.

You can use whatever your favorite frozen and fresh fruits are. Mine are below.

And the best part {along with it being super delicious and great for you!} is that it takes under 5 minutes to make.

Delicious Green Smoothie
{makes 1 large or 2 small}

1 C frozen peaches
1/2 C blueberries {frozen or fresh - whatever is available near you!}
splash of fresh orange juice
1 handful fresh, washed spinach
1/2 C sliced watermelon or strawberries or mango or pineapple {fresh or frozen}

Additional options:
spoonful of almond or peanut butter
greek yogurt 
pomegranate seeds

Depending on what is seasonal and available {it's strawberry season here right now} or what fruit you can find frozen, create your smoothie around those options. Blend all of your ingredients and serve immediately. {If you taste any spinach, add in more fruit.} Enjoy!


  1. Love juicing, I did a week of having juice only last year and was totally converted, beetroot is good, broccoli stem, zucchini I add all sorts of healthy veg, sometimes only a couple of inces but it is soooo good for you, keep up the good work!

  2. Love this version... more fruity than not :) Would love to give the peanut butter option a try sometime... change things up a bit! Hope you and Cam are doing well!


  3. I love starting the day with a green smoothie. I will have to try this recipe! I always use a base of bananas, spinach, and romaine (you won't taste it's and it's really great for your skin!) plus raspberries, blueberries pineapple, mango or a mix!

  4. Oh I adore green smoothies! So yummy, and so full of good things :-)

  5. I'm gonna have to get on this green smoothie train!
    thanks for making me finally get our blender out that we used for 3 weeks during last January's daniel fast ... and then promptly put away and forgot about!
    miss you!!! love, lanneybear

  6. i love green anything, but smoothies especially! i actually just posted a post workout smoothie on my blog today, too (; great minds, my healthy friend (:

    do you guys have fresh ginger there? if you do, you should add a slice to your drink- SO BOMB!

  7. MY sister and I got really into these for a while! When I get back from Orvieto I'm going to need to clean out all this Italian food in me so I'll probably drink more green smoothies!

  8. I love green smoothies. So full of great vitamins! My only dislike is cleaning the pesky blender. I'd make more if it wasn't for that thing.. I need to get a ninja!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  9. I go through phases where I'll have a green smoothie every morning for a month and then won't touch them for another couple months. The last one I had was in my first trimester. I had only been stomaching white carbs and new I needed something green/fruit in my life. BAAAAD decision. It was the first time I really felt like I was going to be sick. I haven't had one since then, but now I REALLY want one. However, my husband just pointed out that it's 10:20 at night, so having one now may not be the best decision. Tomorrow morning, though, tomorrow morning I'll have one :)

  10. i love green smoothies, i just really wish i had a vitamix to blend it all up smoother. mine always end up chunky thanks to my crap blender.

  11. I love these green smoothies too! I was really nervous the first time, but amazed I couldn't taste the spinach!

  12. hey! we have been doing this too!! but my goodness, you have the most gorgeous green smoothie skills on this planet, miss lady ;)


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