Lent, as Told by 9 Year Old Amanda

Friday, February 15, 2013

The start of Lent was on Wednesday. I can't help but be so excited because of what's at the end of it. Easter. My favorite of favorites. The season of Lent seems kind of lost today, so if you're not sure what it is and want to, here you go. (:

It's the period of 40 days {excluding Sundays} leading up to Easter when God calls us to repent and reconcile ourselves to Him... to turn our hearts back to Him. I was thinking today that it's never easy for me to realize the sins in my life, confess them to God, and literally turn away from them, but that's exactly what it's about. Cam and I don't give anything up for the 40 days, like some give up chocolate or sweets {though ha! I probably need to anyways}. Instead it's a time to be personal with God, knowing that this was when He was preparing to go to the cross for my sins. Humble. Quiet.

The way I pictured it when I was a kid, was a little girl {me!} who got herself lost in the world and then turns and runs as fast as she can to the feet of Jesus, falling at His feet crying, her long brown hair matted in tears and dirt, confessing the ways she'd turned her back on Him, her loving Father. She watches as He carries all of her own sins to the cross, to die in her place.  On Easter Sunday, she sees Her Savior again: risen and alive! and He picks her up in His arms, wipes her clean, forgives her, and tells her how much He loves her. 
{Love, little 9 year old Amanda}

I remember this image so well from my childhood because deep down, I'm still that little girl falling at the feet of Jesus... only now with a 28 year old's body & mind!


  1. I love, i love, i love this. what a beautiful picture. lovely lent it is. lovely and hard but filled with expectation, awe, and hope. LOVE YOU dearest.

  2. such a sweet picture - little 9-year old Amanda was deep!
    Great reminder to be in a different mindset over the next 40 days.
    My favey line that I say all day long "HE is Risen... HE is Risen INDEED!" get excited! :)
    love and valentines hugs to you, lanneybear

  3. It's nice to 'hear' someone else (and from another part of the world) talk about the Lent. I think it's so important to keep its true meaning alive before celebrating Easter with lots of candy and chocolate ;)
    My hat's off to little Amanda!
    By the way, I'm one of those giving up sweets for those 40 days...oh, well.
    xoxo, The Brazilian Way of Life

  4. This is perfect, Amanda! I think I still see myself as a small child at His feet too - when I actually stop and remember how small I am, and how great HE is, it's humbling and reassuring that He's got it all in His hands.

    Have you seen the Lent calendar over at Naptime Diaries? It's like an advent calendar for Lent!

  5. Love love love this. Such a beautiful picture. I'm the same way...I never really give anything up. But it's such a great time to really focus on what He went through for us!

  6. I love this - thank you. I'm Jewish but grew up in the Episcopalian Church, so it's always been really interesting to me from an objective angle to see how people interpret Lent. (You're right; most people don't know what it really is about, spiritually. They think it's just about giving up chocolate or soda! Not that you can't give up chocolate or soda AND observe the spiritual focus of Lent, but.) The season has always been incredibly moving for me because of the music - it absolutely speaks to the soul.

    The way you speak of it reminds me of one of my favorite Lenten pieces by Wesley - I'd love to hear what you think of it, if you haven't heard it before! http://youtu.be/0r3BkuxjD6k

  7. I love everything about this post. You're an amazing example. Love you, friend.

    P.s. I was secretly hoping there would be a photo of nine-year-old you! Maybe next time!

  8. what a beautiful picture amanda. love this.

  9. Amanda, this is so precious! I love how little Amanda put this so nicely - and so honestly. xo

  10. Beautiful A! Gave me goosebumps! Featuring this on Fabulous Finds tomorrow :-) - Everybody needs to read such a wonderful reminder of the season...

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