The Best Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The first time we had these amazing {and much healthier!} pancakes was when we rented a cabin at Oura Wan last summer with the Perezs, Arnolds and Muscaris. This is Nick and Amanda's recipe {the Perezs} but they're sweet enough to share it with the rest of us. I made them promise while living with me that we had to make these, so we did last Saturday morning. They're moving back to the States tomorrow... miss you two already! Your pancakes will live on here until our future reunion.

The Best Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes {from Nick & Amanda Perez}

3 ripe bananas
3 C gluten-free pancake mix
2 eggs
1 1/2 C almond milk
1/2 - 1 C graham cracker crumbs {omit if sticking to gluten-free}
2 T olive oil

In a small bowl, mash the bananas. In a separate bowl, combine the remaining ingredients. Add in the mashed bananas. Melt a bit of butter over medium heat on a griddle or pan and cook the pancakes until lightly browned. Serve with pure maple syrup and fresh fruit. Peanut butter or honey are also great toppings.

{In honor of the Perezs, the hilarious day when their mini cooper pulled our jimney out of a ditch after we all went scuba diving and then found our husbands barefoot in the mud, guilty written all over their faces, stuck from offroading}:

Mini Cooper Saves the Day from Amanda Marshall on Vimeo.


  1. Those pancakes look amazing and to be GF too thats great. I need to make a late lunch now that its 3, but pancakes sound like a perfect afternoon snack.

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. where were the chocolate chips??? Who ARE YOU??? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY AMANDA?? WHO IS THIS IMPOSTOR?! :)

    also - that video made me smile. Tim will be so jealous - he misses mudding in his old Jeep in Texas!

    love you!

  3. Laughing out loud, Lanneybear. Don't worry, I stuffed some chocolate in my mouth right after breakfast.

  4. I LOVE banana pancakes! My husband has a gluten allergy and we are always looking for fun ways to spruce up the basics. We found GF graham crackers, too, but I'm not sure if they carry them everywhere.

  5. Hahahaha that is so awesome! I'm glad you got that on video (: always love your recipes too (:

  6. That video is hilarious! The little car that could!

  7. these look SO good! thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Banana pancakes are the best thing ever!

  9. We don't have to eat gluten free, but LOVE gluten free pancake mix! Just might have to try these babies out. Sounds delicious as always!

  10. What a gorgeous batch of banana pancakes! Love that they're gluten-free too. Thanks for sharing your recipe and gorgeous photos!

  11. that video is too funny!

  12. These looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing.


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