Farm to Table: Simple and Delicious Tomato Walnut Salad

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The vineyard that Cam and I constantly dream about having one day will also be {we hope!} a small, self-sustaining farm. We really hope to grow and produce as much of our food as we can, in addition to all the wine. (; We grow some tomatoes, herbs, strawberries, lettuce and green peppers out on our patio, but the majority of our daily produce comes from our amazingly generous and loveable farmer neighbors. It is a total joy and rare gift nowadays when you can know exactly where your food comes from!

When we found out we were moving to Okinawa, I never imagined that we would get to live next to such lovely organic farmers who have become dear friends, be gifted with treasures of all kinds of produce on a regular basis, and be told with giddiness each morning that me and baby are getting big. Ha. Truly though, they are such a blessing to us! The tomatoes in these photos came from them, and I didn't up the vibrancy or saturation in any of these. They are the most gorgeous color all on their own!

Simple, fresh ingredients. The best kind. 

This salad is absolutely delicious and takes all of about two minutes to toss together. Cam and I like to make it on the weekends accompanied with cheeses, and crusty bread to dip in the remaining olive oil. It's a beautiful and easy appetizer, side dish or snack. I've had tomatoes just about every day of my pregnancy, and this is my favorite way to eat them lately.

Simple and Delicious Tomato Walnut Salad
{serves about 2}

large and cherry tomatoes, about 8-10 total
1 C kalamata olives
1/2 C raw walnuts
1 handful of fresh basil leaves
EVOO for drizzling
1/4 teaspoon sea salt, plus more for taste
2 cloves of garlic, minced

Roughly cut the tomatoes and place on a serving dish. They don't need to be cut uniformly or perfectly -- it's better with different sizes! Add the olives, garlic and raw walnuts, and roughly break apart the fresh basil, leaving some leaves whole. Sprinkle on the sea salt, and feel free to add more if it needs it once you've finished tossing the salad and tasted it. It's meant to bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients. Drizzle on a generous amount of EVOO {again, no need to measure!} and toss together. Enjoy with bread and a glass of vino.


  1. Wow these pictures are incredible...I feel like I could reach in and take a bite!! Love tomato salad and make it all the time....but never with walnuts. Interesting addition which I must try!

  2. Your pictures - and recipes - are absolutely gorgeous, and what a beautiful dream to own a vineyard and farm! I grew up in California wine country, surrounded by vineyards, so that image really speaks to my heart. Have a lovely day!

  3. YUM, I'm making this tonight!

  4. That looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If you were to offer a photography class, I would totally sign up and take it. Seriously, your pictures just draw me in every time. This looks delicious - and I don't even like tomatoes!

  6. mmmmm crusty bread :)
    and you guys had better plan for a LARGE vineyard because you are going to really have to make up your wine drinking after baby M makes his appearance!!
    love lanneybear

  7. it looks so fresh and good! you're feeding that baby of yours well!

  8. GUH. I wish David liked walnuts!

  9. Yum! and I usually hate eating tomatoes but this I can eat.

  10. Just started following your blog recently. My husband just received orders to Kadena, and I am sooo excited to get there. All the pictures you post have helped build the anticipation even more.

    I absolutely love that you live by farms! What part of the island do you live on? We are really hoping to live off base, but I guess we won't find out until we get there what they'll allow us to do.

    Congrats on your baby, by the way. We just had our first a few weeks ago, and being a mom is absolutely amazing.

  11. so simple and elegant, must try this!

  12. Seriously, if ya'll are ever in Oregon you must come visit Portland! Farm to table isn't just a "fad" here - it's a way of life! I love going to my favorite restaurant out by the winery and now only knowing the owners and chef, but seeing the farmers bringing in the fresh goodies one day and seeing them on the menu the next! Plus I know some vineyard owners you guys will need to talk to :)

    Beautiful salad, this will definitely be on the menu next time we do dinner here!

  13. Oh this looks so delicious! I think I just may have to make some for Memorial Day Weekend!

  14. Wow, so simple and it looks so delicious!!!
    Love your beautiful pictures ♥

  15. pleeeaaaase make your vineyard somewhere i can come visit!!! i want to hug you, is that weird?

  16. Looks delicious! Made me hungry :) x

  17. Lovely| I made it today, but substituted almonds for walnuts and Gaeta olives for the kalamatas. It is delicious, and husband loved it too!

  18. Looks deeeeelicious! I love tomato salad so much! Best thing to eat during the summer!


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