First Weekend of Summer Solstice

Monday, June 24, 2013

Every beautiful shade of blue, turquoise and sea foam green are the dominant colors this time of year. Chirping cicadas are loud and constant in the heat; farmers are out working early, and late into the long afternoons throughout Yomitan Village, donned with sun hats and umbrellas; the East China Sea is as warm as bath water. And oh, the fresh produce and fruits that adorn the farmer's markets! 

These are all things I love and will remember about Okinawan summers. 
Being our last one here, we're totally savoring it.

Fresh picked from our ever-generous, loving, hilarious neighbors.
We're so thankful for them !

Our potted garden, producing gems

We had plans this weekend to work on the baby's room... but instead, went to the Grundens for an awesome dinner Saturday night and spent the rest of it just the two of us. Cam taught me how to play chess, which turned into an all-day game on the beach. Our backs are burned from so intently leaning over trying to beat each other. Noo, we're not competitive or anything... (;

Hope you all had a great first weekend of summer!


  1. Your pictures are simply gorgeous and capture summers magic so well.

  2. precious!! I love these photos!! Can you believe that I do not know how to play chess? Glad to know someone else just learned!! :)Hope you are well friend! Thank you for gracing our day with such lovliness!
    :) Rebecca

  3. Those veggies!! Amazing.

  4. Beautiful photos! Happy summer to you too!

  5. One day when I'm "big" I want to photograph like you! Hehe!
    What amazing photo's! LOVE!!
    That looks like heaven! We are in winter at the moment, so I'm loving seeing the summer weather!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  6. Looks like a PERFECT weekend!


  7. I always love looking at your photos! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Will you be sad to leave Okinawa? I'm going to miss your photos! XO

    1. YES! so sad, and hopefully excited too for wherever will be next. but we still have a year left! (:

  8. your last summer in okinawa?! oh my goodness! do you know where you are headed to next?!
    i love your photos. they are always so beautiful.
    and im dying over your hat! so cute! where is it from?!

    1. thank you! I got it out here but I have seen a similar one on Jcrew!
      yes our last summer, atleast as far as know. it's gone so fast! so idea where we're headed next... (:

  9. your pictures are just stunning amanda!!! and wow last summer??? excited to see where your next chapter will be :) xox

  10. Wow, beautiful photos!!! The South Pacific looks amazing!!



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