Where we Stayed on Ishigaki Island

Friday, June 7, 2013

For anyone thinking about traveling down to Ishigaki or just simply interested  (:

We stayed at the Club Med Kabira Beach, located on a gorgeous cape where the East China Sea meets the Philippine Sea. I booked it through a last-minute deal at one of the on-base travel agencies, that worked out perfectly with our slowly-recovering travel fund. It was wonderful having everything -- from our flights to room to all food and alcohol -- paid for and taken care of before we even got there. We'd gratefully stay in a Club Med again just for that alone! Also, the staff was wonderful. Everyone was super friendly, helpful and even knew our names. 

The grounds were lush and beautiful with simple Okinawan decor, and an open feeling throughout.
And my favorite: bouganvilla everywhere!
They also had workout classes and all kinds of activities available, but we stuck to laying out and beating each other in ping pong.

We had a simple, clean room with the usual twin beds pushed together {I never seem to understand this aspect of Japanese hotels?} with our favorite kimono lounge pj's in the closet {love this aspect of Japanese hotels!!} beautiful view, and only had to walk outside to be on the beach-chair-lined sand.

{View from the back of our room}

{and from the front}

The food wasn't the best we'd ever had, but it was ever-flowing and plentiful. When your husband is as big and hungry as mine is... what.a.blessing. We had delicious coffee dates each morning {our tradition for every place we travel to}, and I was thrilled about their mango and papaya juices, constant watermelon and the plethora of yummy breads baked fresh for each meal by Chef Christine, who became my buddy while we were there. Her chocolate bread was some of the best I've ever had and she's such a sweetheart she sent us home with two loaves and her recipe!

Still feeling so thankful for that gorgeous week together.
Happy weekend.

{Thanks to Shannon for painting my beautiful new header! Her blog and Paper Shop on Etsy are filled with incredible cards, prints and custom designs}


  1. Gorgeous! Was the beach really all to you guys?? or just clever photography? I love islands, and this just seems beyond perfect...

    1. yes it was almost always just us on the beach surprisingly! the pool was packed most days but oddly not the beach - better for us! (:

  2. The header looks great, so glad you love it! These photos are beautiful. xo

  3. Love it!!! So beautiful!!

  4. so jealous. glad you had a nice time!

  5. Oh wow...what a beautiful place to stay! It's been years since I've taken a relaxing vacation like this, but they're my favorites! Your pictures are just stunning as well!

    You have such a beautiful blog over here. I clicked over through a button on another travel blogger's website because I was curious about where you were living abroad. I spent middle and high school living in Singapore, so I've seen a lot of the beauty Asia has to offer. You capture it so well with your camera!

  6. so beautiful. and that last picture? oh so lovely. so special!

  7. What a little blessing to have that time together before your little guy arrives!!! Your marriage is such a beautiful example of the love of husband and wife...thank you for that!

  8. What a beautiful destination for a babymoon! Love the bougainvillea too!

  9. Looks beautiful.

    Norway does the pushed together twin beds too. I think it's pretty common in most of Scandinavia.

  10. Gorgeous!! Love the new header. So perfect!

  11. looks like a dream! love that last picture of the two of you :)

  12. So pretty!! Aren't babymoons the greatest?!

  13. Fascinating! I especially liked the second photo with a clean ocean and umbrellas with deck chairs like on this page. It reminded my last vacation in Thailand. I wish you happiness and a good family life!


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