A Foraged Wreath

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Two things I (finally) wanted to learn while back in the States this year is calligraphy and how to make a wreath. I'm happy to report I've started in on both of them! I think this wreath is about as basic as they come, so you can just humor me as I share how other non-crafters like myself can make one, too :)

There is no shortage of pine and redwood trees where we live and we have a huge sage bush in our front yard with some lavender that I planted this summer, so there's plenty to forage while I learn how to make wreaths and give them as gifts.

I followed these very helpful and detailed instructions from Oh Happy Day, my Mom showed me what supplies to buy at Michael's and then to my surprise, this was actually easy to do! If you are a total wreath-making, crafting novice like me, here are the steps to make a basic fresh wreath at home:

1. Supplies:  I used these wire wreath frames, wire cutters, floral wire + foraged greenery of your choosing. I intertwined pine, redwood and sage and the smell is out of this world!

Directions are thanks to Oh Happy Day:

2. Cut the branches into workable sections, about 5-6 inches in length.
3. Gather two sections of pine and one of redwood and hold together at the base.
4. Hold the section up to the wreath form and wrap 2-3 times with the wire until secure.
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 but when attaching the branch sections, cover up the wire of the previous section.
6. Continue until the wreath form is covered. For the last step push aside the branches while wiring on the last section, then pull the branches back into place to cover the wire.
7. After the form is covered, tuck and pull the sections on the wreath to make them how you want. Tuck in or clip an unruly branch as desired.

Michael's always has coupons (you can get them online), so with that plus my foraged greens, the total cost of my wreath came out to $2!

Some other Fall-ish inspiration:

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  1. wow, i love that wreath!! even though it is so simple, i think that might be what i love most about it. i think the smell would remind me of winters at home since my mom would make wreaths out of similar things. we would literally drive around town and grab things off the ground hahaa. mostly bay leaves, which smelled so good!

    also, $2, i never would have guessed!

    xo mk
    gold-hatted lover

    1. Haa that is fantastic. That's exactly what I was doing! Except instead of driving I was pushing John in the stroller :)

  2. You are just too sweet:) And that wreath is just adorable! I think Edith would be proud:) haha! xoxo

  3. :) This is lovely sweet lady!! :) How is the calligraphy coming? Are you using a certain book or anything on line? I have been working on learning it this fall also! I have been using these two books: http://www.amazon.com/Learn-Calligraphy-Complete-Lettering-Design/dp/0767907329/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412860000&sr=8-1&keywords=learn+calligraphy and http://www.amazon.com/Calligraphy-Alphabets-Beginners-Illumination-Techniques/dp/0764161156/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1412860000&sr=8-8&keywords=learn+calligraphy (because lets be honest I found them at a garage sale this summer for $.10 each! *smiles* Anyways- would love to know what you are using or if you are just teaching yourself!
    Rebecca :)

    1. Hi Rebecca! I have a post coming on just that :) I'm using a book (without a cover...) that my teacher gave me - I will ask her what it's called - it's just photocopied pages in a binder, but is on Copperplate. I'm trying to learn that (whew it's not easy!) so I can go off on my own and get creative with it... Im excited to see what you've learned so far!

    2. OOh thanks! :) I would love to know any suggestions! My learning is going... slow... it is a little challenging!! *smiles* Unfortunately I have not put as much time into it the last couple of weeks (as I was finishing some other projects) but have plans to these next couple of weeks! I admire those people that make it look so easy!!
      :) Rebecca

  4. I love this! I'll definitely be trying this soon!

  5. Beautiful! I love making wreaths! I made one last Christmas with my Mom and hope to do it again this year. I love this simple one you did, and it looks so charming with that old gate. Also, were did you get that wreath hook? I LOVE it! Here's the post I did if you're interested http://tinyurl.com/m655wjy We used the same method :)

    1. Haha, oh man, yours is sooo much better than my little one! Thank you for sending that post - I am going to use your tips for my next one! :)

    2. Oh and sorry - the wreath hanger is from Pottery Barn, though I bought it when we were first married so not sure if they still make them?

  6. I am really interested in learning calligraphy as well! Do you recommend the way you are learning?


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