Autumn in Zagreb

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Four generations together! My Mama, Mika (my Grandma) and my cousin Alina were just here for two glorious weeks. They brought the sunshine with them after weeks of pouring rain and all of the hills and trees suddenly blazed in reds and golds and changing color. Fitting that my Mom's favorite season really began with their arrival. It was so much fun having them here!! Amazing to have that family time together and I cannot believe it's already come and gone. 

Gracie with my cous (her second cousin?) Alina

One of my favorite stores in Zagreb, Jasmina i Lutkice. The owners are so sweet; the wife hand makes all of the dolls and walking inside feels like walking into a fairytale. I'm almost done with Gracie's nursery and you'll see some sweet little things from this shop in her room :)

Homemade brandies at Kezele Farm outside of Zagreb


  1. Amanda- so sorry to bother and ask you again- not sure if you saw my question about what kind of lens and camera you use!! Adorable pictures! God bless- Elise

    1. Elise, I'm so sorry, I did see your question and answered you but I was really slow in responding to comments on that post so my bad that you didn't see it! I have a Canon 5d mark iii and 50mm lens. Took me a while to save for them both but it has been absolutely worth it!

    2. Thank you so much Amanda- I forgot to click the box to have it notify me when you responded and couldn't remember what blog post I had asked on! Thanks again for responding!!!

    3. Of course!! Anytime!! :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Mika and your mom with Gracie --- those are precious and will be so great to have years down the road! So glad they had a great visit!! and that shop DOES look like a fairy tale!
    miss you!!
    love - lanneybear

    1. Cant wait until you come to visit!! ;) miss you!

  3. Gracie and Alina are first cousins once removed. The closest relative they have in common is a grandparent to one of them (first) and a great-grandparent to the other one or one generation further away (once removed). So Gracie and Alina's hypothetical child would be second cousins as the first ancestor they had in common would be a great-grandparent to both. One day when Gracie has kids, they and Alina will be first cousins twice removed. I recently learned how that works, and now I want to tell everyone because it seems so confusing and obscure, but it's actually pretty simple.

    1. Jenna, thank you so much for that explanation. I seriously had no idea!!

  4. Beautiful, as always! I looooove the pics of sweet Gracie with your mom and Mika! <3 Every time I see a pic of John Shea playing in dirt/water, playing with sticks, etc., I giggle; he and Ayden would be fast (and filthy) friends, I just know it. :D XO

    1. Haha I think they would!! He gets along best with the kids that love dirt, haha.

  5. I always love seeing your photos and following your adventures! The photos are always beautifully taken!


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