Some Days You Just Need a Really Good Wine and Cheese Plate

Thursday, March 31, 2016

If I'm being honest, today was just one of those days in parenting when I needed a long run and a glass of wine! God's grace is such a beautiful thing.. He meets me in kindness even when I was the one in the wrong. Again and again and again. I think that's one of the reasons we love wine as much as we do -- it's used all throughout the Bible (and our lives) as a means of grace.

These are some of the treats we brought home from Pag Island -- the famous Pag cheese of course, local fig jams, olive oil and one of the best wines we've had in Croatia yet (there are so, so many) from BoŇ°kinac, the beautiful winery, restaurant & hotel where we stayed. One of our favorite things about the omelette breakfasts they served was that there were also fresh Pag cheeses with jams and fresh bread. Too good! We recreated that tonight at home, and you can do the same too, with a hard aged cheese, a quality jam, a drizzle of good olive oil over the cheese, homemade focaccia bread and a good wine.

Time to sneak into my babies' rooms and kiss their sweet, precious little faces again and whisper for the millionth time how much I love them. God gives and teaches us so much about grace through our children.

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