The Cherry Tree Harvest

Monday, June 27, 2016

It's been a running joke in our house to say "the cherry harvest," as if we have a whole orchard. We laugh outloud whenever one of us says it. We have a single cherry tree, but it's over 20 years old and massive. That one tree has produced somewhere between 75-100 lbs of sweet, juicy cherries and attempting to pick them all from the tall branches before the birds beat us to it has earned it's generous "Cherry Harvest" title. We've actually been talking about it since we moved to Zagreb, so excited to watch our beautiful tree produce fruit. Well, summer and cherries are definitely here, and as time has a way of doing, it arrived much faster than we imagined! What we didn't realize is how absolutely gorgeous it would be through each season -- a deep canopy of green and shade in the summer, the brightest orange, yellow and red leaves in the Autumn that dropped to the ground and created a fun place for our kids (and us!) to run through and play in, bare and covered in snow and ice in the winter yet still beautiful in it's own way, to the first buds that gave way to the most stunning display of sweet-smelling white blossoms... and now back again to summer's dark green foliage. Needless to say, we've added an orchard of cherry trees to our future dream winery and farm.

Some of our very best friends just spent the past week with us (we miss you so much already, Coopers!) and on their first day we put them to work helping us eat and harvest cherries. When we'd finished that evening, there were so many still hanging from the branches that you couldn't even tell we'd picked any. We keep trying to give them away, but Zagreb is some kind of orchard paradise -- all of our neighbors have multiple cherry trees and they grow along the sides of the roads interspersed with apple, plum and figs. So, while we give baskets of cherries to our neighbors and friends, they're giving us baskets of theirs and we're back to square one with just as many as we started with.

One of the last nights the Coops were here, Ash and I made a "cherry harvest dinner." We spent the day at the market and then cooked together while talking and laughing each other's ears off. We used to cook together when we were neighbors in Okinawa (RIP humid macarons) and I've missed it, though really I've just missed her! I made a cherry reduction sauce for steaks and pork that our husbands grilled, along with a big summer salad, and Ash, the baking queen, made an amazing lemon cherry cake with a sweet basil glaze for dessert.

Where else do you have a "cherry harvest dinner" but under said cherry tree?! Eating together is such a simple thing, but I am continually reminded of it's importance. Not only that, but it's so much fun to enjoy good food and good wine together! I love that our kids can run around the backyard in diapers when they can't sit still, and that the four of us got to talk all night every night this week. Social media is a fun way to keep in touch, especially while living abroad, but to me, no form of it could ever top being face-to-face and present with people you dearly love.

We have a huge basket on our kitchen island and each time I see it, I keep wondering, what else can I make with all these cherries?? I am still getting my reduction sauce just right and working on a simple cherry jam... but if you have any good ideas for recipes or are willing to share your favorites, I would love to hear them!! In the meantime, below is a recipe I saw for macerated cherries over ricotta that sounds delicious.

Living in Zagreb has taught us many lessons...  who would have ever guessed that one of those would be the magic of cherry trees and that even a single one can produce a harvest of good things.

Orange & Basil Macerated Cherries Over Ricotta
(Recipe from Southern Living Magazine)

1 lb fresh cherries, pitted
1 pound fresh cherries, pitted
1 tablespoon firmly packed orange zest
2 tablespoons fresh orange juice
2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil
1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
Ricotta cheese

Cut half of cherries in half crosswise. Place whole cherries and cherry halves in a large bowl; add zest and next 4 ingredients, tossing to coat. Cover and chill 1 hour.

Remove cherries from refrigerator, and let stand 10 minutes. Spoon over ricotta cheese, and serve immediately.


  1. sooo many cherries!!! what a wonderful, beautiful tree to give your your very own harvest. :) and wow, a reduction sauce?! you are amazing!! i bet that was delicious.

  2. I ADORE your outdoor table and benches! Those cherries though -- wow!

    1. Thank you! These tables are sold at the local hardware store and they are everywhere here!

  3. Ha, I wish you could send me some of those cherries! They look mouth-watering delicious! ;) We're still in the middle of strawberry season in Germany (it took a while to get going because it's been so cold this year!), but cherries should become much more plentiful here soon as well and I can't wait to bake up a storm with them! Your friend's cherry cake looks amazing! :)

    1. I wish I could send you some, too! We honestly don't know what to do with all of them!

    2. And thank you - I'll tell her! :)

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  5. What a fun reunion! I'm jealous that I'm not sitting under your cherry tree laughing and drinking wine until the wee hours of the morning!! *siiiiiiiiigh*
    We picked cherries at the rental house in Tuscany last year and it was so fun bringing in the basket full of fresh picked fruit knowing exactly where it came from!
    Sending LOTS of love and smiles from Richmond! Oh and does JS just spit the pits out? I haven't given Trey cherries very often because I didn't want to mess with the pits.
    love - lanneybear

    1. I wish you were, too, Lanney bear!!! I misss you!!!!!

      No, we break it open or bite it in half for him first and take it out for him!

  6. We had a pear tree at our last house and I spent days picking them. We had so many! We froze a lot of them and put them in smoothies, we also made jam! It's amazing when you are able to pick your own food ❤️

    1. Oh that's such a great idea to freeze them for smoothies -- we just did that, thanks for the idea!

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