Dobar Dan From the Island of Krk!

Friday, September 30, 2016

(Secret Beach in the little village of Vrbnik). Croatia has over 1000 islands that are all unique in their own way -- Krk is one of the most visited islands, but not this time of year. It's quiet right now, the pastel villages are stunning, and all night long if you open your window, you can hear tractors driving up and down the steep roads to and from wineries carrying trailers of grapes. The village was just a short walk from our apartment, and every cobblestone street carried the same fragrant smell of fermenting grapes. We love this time of year!

Can you spot my husband swimming in the freezing water in the next photo?

Our favorite restaurant of the trip -- Restoran Nada. Their fresh seafood with aioli, fried chicken from the kids' menu (my favorite, ha!) and homemade pastas are out of this world.

Two of our favorite people are here this week!! and they're the reason we've been out on the island of Krk. Lanna and Tim rented this apartment with this gorgeous view overlooking Vrbnik. Thank you for the quality time together, making us laugh so hard per usual, your faithful friendship and fellowship.

Lanna Bear. ("You're blocking!") I miss you already.

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