Croatia's Best Secret: The WINE! Plus Our 10 Favorites

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The biggest and most amazing surprise that continues to blow us away since moving to Croatia is without a doubt... the wine. We had heard a little bit about it before moving, but nothing prepared us for just how good it really is. I think my favorite thing about it (other than drinking it of course!) is that all across this small, beautiful country, the biggest truth in each bottle is this: quality over quantity.  The majority of Croatian wine is not exported. Most wineries are small, family run and are produced for local restaurants, shops or personal customers. You can find a few of the big names sold abroad, but for the wines you really want to get your hands on, you have to come here to Croatia. We honestly think it's the best wine in the world. Yes, even better than France and Italy!

We've spent a lot of quality time together this past year wine tasting in our backyard and discovering new wines every time we go out to eat.

If you come to Croatia, these are our ten favorites in no particular order. I hope you get to try any of these!

1. Boškinac Cuvee 2010 (my personal favorite!)
2. Crljenak Kastel 
3. Krauthaker MERCS
4. Adžić Zweigelt
5. Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru
6. Fakin Malvazija 2015
7. Tomac Brut, Diplomat & Rose
8. Meneghetti Merlot
9. G&J Tvoja krv i Moja
10. Coronica Grabar (2008 is unbelievable but every vintage is incredible)

So basically what I'm saying here is, come to Croatia and drink as much wine from small wineries as you can :)

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