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Thursday, April 27, 2017

I know I'm kind of a broken record when it comes to Istria -- but it is our favorite region! I've lost count now of how many times we've been. Everything from the amazing wine, truffles, Italian-influenced & incredibly fresh cuisine, olive groves, landscape, friendly people, quiet medieval hilltop towns... we just love going there. There are still so many little towns in the interior of the region that we want to explore, but we got to see one of them this weekend- Bale.

The stone walls you see were part of a Roman Fortification that were later built into and around, eventually becoming a walled medieval city. We were there on Sunday during lunch time, wandering the cobblestone streets, listening to (and smelling!) families eating together inside.

I think it's just amazing every time we see fig trees growing out of centuries old stone walls. I am counting the days until they're ready to be picked!

Beautiful biblical frescos inside the 15th century Holy Spirit Chapel. It's tiny but when we went inside there were a handful of chairs in the back, hinting there had just been a service. It shares a wall with a little outdoor cafe. Sweet John Shea gave the jorgovan (lilac) to the lady who served him an ice cream cone!

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  2. oh my gosh. i don't even know where to begin!!! first of all, when did john shea turn into a 16 year old ralph lauren model???? your babies are unreal!!! second... your dress!!! flawless, beauty! and also, i am pretty sure this would be my favorite location, too! italian influence, you say? music to my ears!!! xoxoxo

    1. Hahaha I dont know!!!! He woke up one morning and turned into a little man! Yes, you would loooove it there!! Hope you and your man get to go some day!! xoxo

  3. Love this because it brings back memories of our two nights in Istria! Those walled medieval cities really are magical! Not to mention the pasta and wine.....
    MISS YOU GUYS! And I agree ... JS is a little Ralph Lauren model! ;) Please include baby Georgia picture next time. K thanks.
    --- love lanneybear!

  4. Right?! I totally agree with Brittany, John Shea is growing up right before our eyes and such a handsome little man!


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