Almost Two!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

(one year ago today!)

Somehow our baby Grace is turning two on Saturday!! When we moved to Zagreb, she was just an itty newborn. Now she is a firecracker with enough personality for about ten people! Here are some fun Gracie things lately...

She loves arranging and rearranging the jars of flowers I always have throughout the house... dramatically smelling every one and bringing us each a flower.  I love that!! She also picks lavender every day in the backyard and happily skips around singing for Dadda! For Mama! For Bubba!

When she falls or she cries because she got hurt, I always know she's just fine when I ask if she wants a piece of chocolate? Her sobs and tears immediately stop and she beams and tells me, YEAH!!

At bath time she "washes" her big brother's hair by pouring pitcher after pitcher of water over his head, so proud of herself and laughing hysterically. He just patiently endures it.

Lately, when it's time to pick up toys before bath time, she follows her brother around while he does all of the work and stands over him, sternly pointing and yelling out commands or saying, "NO NO NO NO BUBBA!"

She lovvvvves to dance and sing and twirl in her dresses.  She's also always the first to the table when it's time to eat and is usually halfway through her plate by the time the rest of us sit down. Ha.

We can't wait to celebrate our sweet girl who fills our home with belly laughs, silliness and kisses!


  1. precious girl!! how is she so grown up?! and the best is yet to come!! happy early bday to your lady!!!

    1. Thanks love! I want her to play with little M!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Grace! I can't believe she's 2 already - what a cute, little lady she has become!

  3. I love her! She was so funny in September and I could already tell she is a sassy little firecracker! Sweet sweet Gracie!
    xoxoxoxox - lanneybear

    1. Haha just wait until you're with her this September. Sassiest little firecracker there ever was!


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