Little Sisters

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Something even better than what we expected with Georgia's arrival is watching Grace have a sister. She has become this little mama, always stopping what's doing to give her baby a kiss and begging at least ten times a day to hold her... for about two seconds and then she's done- ha.  Lately I've been putting her to bed with a few minutes of snuggle time with Georgia in her crib and Gracie is just IN HEAVEN! Georgia's not so sure. But it's really, really precious to watch their sweet relationship growing.

"You're not going to leave me here..... right, Mom????"

Cam and I love hearing her happily reading and singing to herself!

When we ask John Shea who his best friend is, he always says Gracie. When we ask Grace who hers is, she shouts, BUBBA!!! and runs and hugs her big brother.

With each of our children, Cam and I have wondered during my pregnancies who that little soul is and what their personality will hold. Georgia has been such a sweet blessing to each of us. I don't want to forget tip-toeing into the room to watch John Shea gently putting his hand on Georgia's head and his smiling face up to hers, thinking no one is watching him (Moms make the best spies) and hearing Gracie excitedly squeal, "hiiiii!" while smothering her with hugs. We have long days and messes like every family with little children (Hah, I'm trying to get through the humongous pile of laundry on our bed that needs to be folded, just broke up a toddler tantrum, changed two diapers, and am attempting to finish this post and get lunch on the table all with one arm while Georgia is in the other), but man... we are so thankful!! These really are sweet, fun days and Cam and I marvel at the end of every one that the Lord has entrusted us with these healthy, beautiful, precious souls.

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