A Few Good Book Recommendations (for Kids!)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

We LOVE books in our house so we were super excited when Jackie asked if we would pick out a couple books from Usborne Books to review.

I picked Anne of Green Gables for Gracie girl, and she has already read it about 100 times since it arrived. She really loves it! And I enjoy reading it to her. It has beautiful, colorful illustrations and is just the right length for her age.

John Shea looked through all the books with me on the Usborne website and emphatically picked out Big Book of Big Tractors. The pages fold out with great illustrations and explanations for each part. Even I have to admit that this book is seriously cool!! It's the first book he asks to read together in the morning, even before playing with his trucks. He has about every tractor book out there, but this one sincerely ranks as one of the best in our house!

The third book we chose is perfect for our family! Children's Picture Atlas. Both kiddos love reading it and flipping through the pages, pointing out different animals and places around the world. It's a really, really fun and beautiful introduction to geography for toddlers and they always seem to find something new to be interested in each time we pick it up. They fight over this one!

Jackie is always looking for hostesses for Facebook parties, which can earn you free books! You can find her here. Or you can shop the awesome selection of books from Usborne right here. I hadn't heard of them before, but after seeing the broad selection and high quality, I will definitely be ordering from them in the future!

The books we received were a gift, but all opinions are my own and are completely genuine. I whole heartedly recommend these! Thank you so much again, Jackie!


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  2. Oh, my goodness, we LOVE Usborne books!! I had no idea they had an Anne of Green Gables book - def. going to check that out! Also, where is Gracie's dress from? I'm loving it!! So sweet!! 😍

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  5. oooh, my baby boy would LOVE a big book of tractors!!! that's a real snag, right there!!!

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