Our Amazing Dadda

Monday, June 19, 2017

One of the sweetest things in our marriage has been getting to watch my Husband become a Daddy. In our eyes he becomes more loving, selfless, dedicated and an even stronger leader for our family every day. When he saw my post, he said there needs to be a photo of him screaming at our two year old this morning to keep things honest! We are each completely fallen human beings, but I am so grateful for how this man joyfully loves and serves our family.

Some of our kids' current favorites about their Dadda....

He gets down on the floor and wrestles and plays and builds block towers

He's the first one up in the morning and makes our breakfast (and my coffee -- bless him!!) and never eats his until the kids have had theirs

He snuggles and rocks baby Georgia and makes time to give Mama breaks

He starts the day in God's Word, because he knows he can do nothing apart from Christ

He does bath time and bed time, reading and singing (and wrangling and chasing down the hall)

He leads, he guides, he teaches, he's a natural at disciplining (haha, thank you young Marines for paving the way)

He reads endless books, usually the same ones over and over ;)

He doesn't take himself too seriously and makes us all laugh!

We are so thankful he's ours!! Happy Father's Day, Daddys! Your role could not be more important!


  1. I wish your kids a healthiest, happy and successful life ahead. Lot of love for you all family.
    Emma Charlotte
    The Academic Papers

  2. What a sweet dada list!! And I laughed out loud (AGAIN) over that safari halloween costume. NICE THIGHS, big guy!! ;) Love your sweet family and so happy Cam has been more or less close by the last few years!! Oh and another favorite thing about your insane marine husband... brisk 50 degree swims in the pool/sea. PSYCHO.
    ps. I can just imagine you demanding breaky and coffee at 7am. LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING!!!!!!

    1. Haaaa yes I forgot that one!!!
      Haha its more like, let me sleep in and then make me my coffee and breakfast and entertain our toddlers so I can actually get two straight hours of sleep please and thank you!!!!!

  3. gosh, this is the sweetest. what blessed kiddos to be so so so loved!!!


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